Pacifica Travel Ready Facial Wipes Set Review

Pacifica Travel Ready Facial Wipes Set Review

As the seasons start to change, I usually need to adjust my skin care routine. In the winter, I tend to need to add more moisture to my skin care routine. Some products I have been able to use all summer are suddenly a bit too drying or irritating. The Pacifica Travel Ready Facial Wipes were really appealing to me because it was an easy way to try out several kinds of the new beauty wipes from Pacifica.

This set contains five different types of their skin care wipes – Super Detox Deep Purification & Cleansing Wipes, Enzymatic Exfoliating Wipes, Moisturize Energize Serum Wipes, Essential Makeup Removing Wipes, and Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes.

I received the skincare line to try out, and the Pacifica Travel Ready Facial Wipes seemed like a really great option for traveling. I’ve used all of the different kinds of wipes now and wanted to share my thoughts about the set as a whole. Look for more in-depth reviews of each kind of wipe in the future.

Claims: “Formulated with natural superpower fruits, and flower naturals, this set of mini wipes is perfect for healthy, bright and youthful looking skin anytime, anywhere! Includes 5 packettes with 10 biodegradable wipes in each packette.”

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Pacifica Travel Ready Facial Wipes Set Review
Ingredients: The ingredients vary for each type.

Pros: Very convenient for traveling. Meets the needs of a variety of skin types. Biodegradable wipes. Packaging is easy to open and close. Cruelty free brand. Vegan formula.

Cons: Available only at Ulta.

The Verdict: I love that this set lets you try five different kinds. Each one is geared towards a different purpose and works differently with your skin. I love that I can use a simple beauty wipe that just removes my makeup or pick one that does a little more for my complexion. These travel sized packs are easy to transport and, most importantly when traveling, the packaging does a great job of staying closed to keep the beauty wipes well hydrated. I found that they all worked well to remove makeup. My skin felt clean and refreshed after using each kind. I will go more in-depth about each beauty wipe in separate reviews, but I did feel that they all lived up to their claims.

The Pacifica Travel Ready Facial Wipes are perfect for those who either aren’t sure what beauty wipe would work best with their skin type, are dealing with the changing of seasons impacting their skin, and for those who travel a lot.

The Pacifica Travel Ready Facial Wipes are available exclusively at Ulta. Sign up for Ebates and get cash back on your purchase from Ulta.

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