Pacifica Persian Rose Perfume Review

Pacifica Persian Rose Perfume Review

Being from the Pacific NorthWest originally, Pacifica is a brand that I grew up with. Everything the brand makes, from perfume to candles to makeup, is not only cruelty free but also vegan. I love supporting brands where all the items are vegan. It also makes shopping a lot easier because I know that I don’t need to check the ingredient list of every item and ask their Customer Support team a lot of questions before purchasing.

Finding a good perfume is already hard enough. But a good vegan perfume? It’s been extremely difficult! So many fade too quickly or are just essential oils. I was also specifically looking for a spray-on perfume, too. After seeing the entire Pacifica perfume collection on sale recently at Whole Foods, I decided to pick up a bottle of Persian Rose perfume.

Claims: “Our blend of Bulgarian rose, subtle violet, myrrh and delicate fruit is a nod to the floral empire of the Persians, the kings of perfume in the 9th century. Spiritual, elegant and classic.

Ingredients:  Pacifica’s Persian Rose spray perfume contain natural denatured alcohol (from corn) and Pacifica’s own fragrance blend with natural and essential oils including Bulgarian rose, subtle violet, myrrh and delicate fruit.

Pros: Cruelty free and vegan formula. Paraben free. Gluten-free. Very light scent that lasts for hours. The scent does not change much after application to skin. Easy to use spray bottle. Travel size.

Cons: None.

The Verdict: I am so glad that I purchased the Pacifica Persian Rose perfume because I absolutely love it! The mix of scents keeps the rose scent from smelling too old and mature. Instead, it’s a lovely fresh mix that’s floral yet slightly earthy. I notice the violet notes and they are one of my favorite things about this perfume. So often perfumes change scent as they warm up to my body. What you smell in the tester is not always how the perfume smells application. This is not the case with this perfume. The scent does not change much over time with wear, or when applied to my skin. I will definitely be re-purchasing this scent and likely buying others in the future as well.

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  1. I recently picked up the roll-on version of this perfume at Whole Foods after sniffing it and absolutely loving it. It smells so good!!! I just placed an order for the spray perfume, body butter, and shower gel. I think it’s going to be my go-to summer scent.

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