New Zealand Animal Testing Ban Passed for Cosmetics

New Zealand Animal Testing Ban Passed for Cosmetics

Earlier this month, the New Zealand government was urged to ban animal testing. Today Logical Harmony welcomes this exciting news that New Zealand has banned animal testing for cosmetics! This is a step as yet another country is making changes to eliminate animal testing. Just like the other bans on animal testing, there are a few important items to understand.

In this update on New Zealand animal testing policies, Logical Harmony shares what you need to know about this ban on animal testing, what it means to brands, and what it means to consumers.

Read more to find out what New Zealand Animal Testing Ban Passed for Cosmetics means.

What you need to know now to gain a better understanding of this ban on animal testing:

  • These changes in laws on animal testing in New Zealand came about through an amendment to the Animal Welfare Act.
  • This ban covers animal testing on finished products and animal testing on ingredients that are used only for cosmetics.
  • Under this ban, finished cosmetics and ingredients intended exclusively for use in a cosmetic will be illegal in New Zealand.
  • This ban does not cover ingredients that are considered dual use. This means that they are used in both cosmetics and household items and may also be regulated under other laws that would allow animal testing to occur.
  • Cosmetics can still be tested on animals during production. The ban only covers finished cosmetics.
  • The ban will not impact international brands. Much like the ban passed in the EU, this ban cannot be enforced outside of New Zealand. Brands who currently take part in required by law animal testing to sell in regions such as China will still be able to take part in that testing and sell in New Zealand.
  • Cosmetics that are tested on animals outside of New Zealand can still be imported for sale.

While there are some situations in which animal testing may still occur, this is a huge step! By banning animal testing of both finished products and ingredients that are used exclusively for cosmetics, New Zealand is making a great change. Most animal testing occurs on ingredients, so any reduction in this number of tests is a positive step forward. Hopefully, more countries around the world will take similar steps to ban animal testing!


  1. A big step, thank you for sharing this Tashina, you’re amazing. Have learned so much from your site in a short amount of time. Making changes every day!

  2. Tashina, you are absolutely the BOMB! I found your site several months ago and look forward to your posts. I have learned a good bit about animal testing that I really could never get clarification on before. You are quite articulate and honest, and I really appreciate that. Keep up the good work – you have definitely earned a loyal reader! Thanks for all you do – Jules

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