New Vegan Contour Powders from Makeup Geek

New Vegan Contour Powders from Makeup Geek

This week Makeup Geek announced that the new Makeup Geek Contour Powders are now available! Available in eight different shades, they are all shown in an announcement post from Makeup Geek. Not only are these contour shades cruelty free, but they are also all vegan.

The contour shades that have been released are:

  • Love Triangle – Meant for warm-toned, porcelain skin.
  • Break Up – Meant for cool-toned, porcelain skin.
  • Infidelity  – Meant for cool-toned, fair skin.
  • Bad Habit  – Meant for warm-toned, fair skin.
  • Complicated  – Meant for cool-toned, medium skin.
  • Half Hearted – Meant for warm-toned, medium skin.
  • Scandal – Meant for cool-toned, deep skin.
  • Deal Breaker – Meant for warm-toned, deep skin.

All of the shades are available individually or for purchase as a complete set of eight.

I’ve already ordered mine and can’t wait to check them out once they arrive. Which shades are you ordering?

Editor’s Note: Image courtesy of Makeup Geek. This post contains affiliate links. This means that I receive a commission from items purchased through these links.

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  1. i was actually looking at these before i hopped onto your site! i think that break up will best suit me, but im not really sure. will you do a video for these?

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