NCLA So Rich Cuticle Oil Review

NCLA So Rich Cuticle Oil Review

Since switching to only cruelty free and vegan beauty products, I have yet to find a good cuticle oil. Most of the time I just use any hand cream that I have on hand. I thought that this was nourishing enough, and it worked well enough, so I never invested much time in looking for a cruelty free cuticle oil. When NCLA launched their treatments line, I was really curious about the NCLA So Rich cuticle oil.

Claims: “A luxe vitamin E oil treatment that promotes strong and healthy nails for a look that says, ‘I’ve never worked a day in my life’.

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Ingredients: Safflower Seed Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Fragrance

Pros: Very nourishing and hydrating oil. Subtle scent. Easy to apply. Cruelty free brand. Vegan formula and vegan fragrance.

Cons: None

The Verdict: NCLA So Rich cuticle oil is now a regular part of my manicures. I love that it comes in an eye dropper for easy application. I usually put 1 drop on each nail, then massage it into my cuticle. It has a really soft apricot scent. The oil absorbs really quickly, is super hydrating, and has done a great job of making my cuticles appear smoother. I can definitely tell a difference in the health and appearance of my nails and cuticles since I started using NCLA So Rich cuticle oil.

Have you tried NCLA So Rich cuticle oil? What were your thoughts?


  1. I love this product. I’ve been seeing the difference ever since I started using it. Really nourishing and I love the scent. Thanks for the recommendation. I was looking for a good cuticle oil for quite some time and this product has lived up to my expectations.

  2. Hi Tashina, love your blog, and adore the Fawn on the banner! I found you when doing a search for the ingredients for this cuticle treatment, as I had thrown out the box. Thank you for listing the ingredients, I now know I am allergic to safflower, cottonseed, or most likely culprit is the added fragrance. Long story short, this wrecked my skin around my cuticle area and my fingertips and the area up to my knuckles. My skin is inflamed, sore, dehydrated and peeling, my nails themselves are fine, so it has to be an allergy, so bummed! I wish I knew the “fragrance” additive. Thanks for all your work!

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