NCLA Alice + Olivia Nail Wraps Review

NCLA Alice + Olivia Nail Wraps Review

I love polka dots! I have a blazer, pants and shoes with polka dots on them. So, naturally, when I saw these Alice and Olivia nail wraps for NCLA, I wanted to give them a try. Thankfully, the lovely people at NCLA sent me a set to review! NCLA is one of my favorite vegan nail polish and nail wrap brands. The polishes come in cute shades and the wraps are amazing. There are so many styles and patterns to choose from!

Claims: No heat lamp, no drying time and no waiting required. All you need is clear polish. You instantly top off any look and outfit. It couldn’t be any easier! Each kit of 44 nail wraps + nail file will yield 3-4 applications!

NCLA Alice + Olivia Nail Wraps Review

Pros: Cruelty free and vegan. These nail wraps were really easy to apply. The kit contains 44 wraps in a large variety of sizes. It’s very easy to find the right fit without having to trim the width of the nail wrap. They were very sticky, which made me feel confident that they would stick to my nails.

I followed their directions when applying the wraps, which I think is a very important step most people skip on. You have to prep your nails correctly if you want a lasting manicure. I was able to wear the same set for just over a week before one of the nails started to peel a little bit. I could have likely worn them longer if I wasn’t so rough on my hands with typing, biking, doing dishes, cleaning, etc.

NCLA Alice + Olivia Nail Wraps Review

Cons: While it’s great that there are so many sizes in the kit, getting the full 3-4 applications that NCLA offers does mean you need to be prepared to spend some time trimming wraps to the correct size for future use. This may or may not be worth the effort to some.

NCLA Alice + Olivia Nail Wraps Review

The verdict: I’ve posted about NCLA wraps before (when I reviewed their collaboration with PETA) and I still love them! In fact, I’d say that the quality of NCLA products has only increased over time. If you’ve been wanting to try nail wraps, skip all the other options and just get some from NCLA! They have a variety of designs and patterns, shipping is fast, you get multiple manicures in one package, and the quality is great.

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