My Favorite Essential Oils from EO Products

My Favorite Essential Oils from EO Products

A couple of months ago, EO Products sent me some of their aromatherapy essential oils to try out. I have been using essential oils for years and always love trying out new brands and new scent blends. Since they sent me some oils, I have also picked up a couple on my own. A local store has a large selection of essential oils from EO Products and it’s been nice to smell the whole range. Because I do get a lot of questions about essential oils, I wanted to share my favorite essential oils from EO Products with you.

My Favorite Essential Oils from EO Products

Fresh is a lovely woodsy blend that I find very soothing. With notes of Pine, Juniper, and Cedarwood it’s very, well, fresh. It also has some spicy notes in there too. This is the Essential Oils from EO Products that I use the most.

My Favorite Essential Oils from EO Products

Focus is a mix of Rosemary, Peppermint, Orange and Lemon oils that’s very refreshing and energizing. I love to use this one in the mornings or during an afternoon slump.

My Favorite Essential Oils from EO Products

Peppermint is just nice and refreshing – especially in the mornings or on late nights when I still have a lot on my to-do list. According to EO, “If you’re feeling low on happy thoughts use this delightful single note to change your mood!” I can see how this oil would have that effect. It’s also great to put in the diffuser when I have a cold.

Have you tried any of the essential oils from EO Products before? Which essential oils scents (in general) are your favorites?

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  1. I love Geranium oil and a blend De-stress from Tisserand brand (it does have geranium in it so no surprise here:)).

    I have never tried EO brand for oil (i do have their soap and lotion). I used to buy essential oils in a local shop but since I moved, I have been getting some from different companies here and there. The last ones I picked at TJMaxx, From Tisserand brand. I love them!
    There is just so much info on oils and brands! I never know what to believe so I’m still looking. But I do like the brand mentioned before. There is a book written by this guy, Robert Tisserand, about oils:
    I have wanted to get it for too long. I do not work for them, hehe, I just like how he somewhere explained lots of things about oils. Some companies claim they are the only ones who have the best oils (and they mark up their prices), but most of them get the oils from the same spots. I’m not an expert but I did like this author’s approach.
    I’ll try the EO. I’m curious about the blends.

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