Melt Lipsticks Swatches & Try On

Melt Lipsticks Swatches & Try On

I’ve had two eye shadow stacks from Melt for a long time and have really loved both of them. Melt lipsticks have a bit of a cult following online, so I knew that I needed to give them a try too. I ordered several shades and in this video, I try them on and show swatches of each shade. Because I wanted to get a good idea of the formula, I ordered a mix of nude shades, bright shades, and darker shades of Melt lipsticks too.

Included in the Melt Lipsticks Swatches & Try On video are the following Melt lipsticks:

PS – Sorry for the self-tanner hands! Moisturize well before you tan, especially when your skin is super dry.

Is Melt Cosmetics cruelty-free? Yes. Melt Cosmetics is cruelty-free with vegan options.

Are the Melt Lipsticks vegan? Some of the Melt lipsticks are vegan. It’s currently included on each shade page under “more information”.

Have you tried any Melt lipsticks before? Which shades are your favorite?

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