Japan Urged to Ban Animal Testing for Cosmetics

Japan Urged to Ban Animal Testing for Cosmetics

Consumers in Japan are currently urging the Japanese government to take a step towards ending animal testing. With help from Humane Society International, a grassroots campaign has started. Considering the other bans that have gone into place around the globe, it’s exciting to see this happening in more countries!

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Currently, the laws in Japan do not require animal testing on most cosmetics, but there also aren’t regulations that prohibit animal testing either. Because of this, brands can test out any safety tests that they see fit including testing on aninmals.

The changes that have been made around the globe, but especially in the EU to ban animal testing, have really inspired many consumers in Japan to urge for the same actions to take place there. The ban that the Japanese government is being encouraged to implement would ban the sale of cosmetics that have been tested on animals in Japan.

Claire Mansfield, Be Cruelty-Free’s director from the research and toxicology department at the HSI in London, spoke to Japan Today about animal testing and why it should be banned in Japan.

The reality is that Japan could pass a ban on cosmetics animal testing and the marketing of newly animal-tested cosmetics tomorrow. Cruelty-free cosmetics companies operate very successfully in Japan, and Japanese brands are already complying with [the] no-animal-testing requirements. As with all countries, though, there’s both an educational process, and a legislative and regulatory process that will need to be seen through to the end.

According to Japan Today, sources show that the consumer interest in a ban on animal testing remains smaller than in other countries around the globe. That said, the more aware consumers in Japan become of this issue the more are joining the movement. The good news is that more people are becoming aware at a faster pace than ever before.

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