Inkling Scents Unboxing & Giveaway

Inkling Scents Unboxing & Giveaway

Finding a good fragrance can be difficult. Not only do we all look for different mixes of sweet, spicy, and earthy, but once you do find a scent that you enjoy it can be tough to find one that is also made from pure essential and fragrance oils. Inkling Scents is a cruelty free brand who makes vegan fragrances. They make women’s, men’s and unisex fragrances in over twenty scents. Each one is a unique blend of pure essential and fragrance oils. All of their scents are also alcohol free. Recently, they sent me a few as a surprise, and we also partnered with Inkling Scents to bring you a giveaway to win your own fragrance!

Continue reading to watch the Inkling Scents Unboxing and learn more about the Giveaway!

Included in the package that I received from Inkling Scents were three different fragrances. They sell women’s, men’s, and unisex fragrances and sent me one of each to try out. All of their fragrances are alcohol-free and made using 100% pure essential and fragrance oils. Not only are they cruelty free, but all of their fragrances are also vegan.

Detonate has a base scent of vetiver, tobacco, balsam with notes of grapefruit, pepper, cinnamon, chili and saffron. It smells spicy and earthy at the same time. It’s very balanced and smells very soothing. Vetiver is said to be a cooling scent that may help calm nerves. While this is classified as a men’s scent, I can see this being a great unisex scent for those looking for something subtle and earthy.

Unify has a base scent of black currant, musk, and cedar with notes of Lily of the Valley. It smells like a bright and fresh mix of citrus and florals. Cedar is said to be a soothing and calming scent, and the scent of Lily of the Valley is said to help elevate your mood. Unify is a great scent and perfect for those who aren’t sure which fragrance notes suite them best. It is classified as a unisex fragrance and I can see it smelling great on anyone.

Inkling Scents Unboxing & Giveaway

Sultry has a base scent of sandalwood and white amber with notes of lotus flower, orchid, Bulgarian rose, and vanilla. It’s sweet, crisp, and floral. It smells very sweet and floral. Sandalwood is said to be a very calming and grounding scent. This is a great pick for those who love very sweet scents. Sultry is classified as a woman’s scent.

I loved all three scents that I received from Inkling Scents. They are such unique scent combinations and each smelled amazing. I wore all of them and was very happy with how the scents warmed up to my skin and my own body chemistry. While they all did change slightly, they all smelled great. The scents lasted a long time due to Inkling Scents using pure essential and fragrance oils to make their scents. I also love that they come in convenient roll-on applicators.

Now for some exciting news! We are partnering with Inkling Scents for a giveaway! Three winners will receive a full size Sultry roll-on fragrance!

You can enter to win using the widget below. The rules and terms of this giveaway can be found within the widget.

Inkling Scents Fragrance Giveaway

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