How to Remove Liquid Lipstick Video

How to Remove Liquid Lipstick Video
People often ask me how to remove liquid lipstick easily, quickly, and without irritating their lips. After some trial and error, I have my method for this down. Using two products I can easily remove any shade of liquid lipstick without it staining or irritating my lips.

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How do you remove your liquid lipstick?


  1. Thank you for this video! I am very intimidated by lipstick in general but liquid lipstick especially. Like you, I have chronic dry lips and the thought of making them more so just makes me cringe. So, which do you prefer for a totally green newby?

    1. If you’re brand new to liquid lipstick and have dry lips, I would try OFRA or Aromi. They have a really mousse-like formula that feels slightly less drying than some other formulas. Plus, it dries slower so you have a little more time to get the application perfect. 🙂

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