How to Make Vegan Layered Dip with Nacheez

How to Make Vegan Layered Dip with Nacheez

For this video, I was lucky enough to be joined by Ilsa Hess! Ilsa is the creator of an amazing vegan nacho cheese called Nacheez. Justin and I are both addicted. Once you try it, you will be too!The other day, Justin and I shared our take on this classic recipe in the Layered Nacheez Vegan Nacho Dip with Seasoned Potato Wedges. In this video, Ilsa shows you how to make classic Layered Dip with Nacheez.

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Want to get this recipe? Ilsa has the recipe for the Seven Layer Dip.  There are also lots of other awesome recipes on the Nacheez site.

Request Nacheez in stores in your area by printing out this form and taking it to your local store. Nacheez is currently available in two Whole Foods locations in Northern California and on Vegan Essentials.

If you make this recipe, I would love to see photos! Be sure to tag me on Instagram or Twitter, and tag Nacheez on Instagram and Twitter as well!

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