EO Products & Everyone Unboxing

EO Products & Everyone Unboxing

I recently received a package of cruelty-free and vegan goodies from EO Products and Everyone and wanted to unbox them on camera with you! EO Products uses essential oils as the base of their products. They make everything from skincare and haircare to essential oils. Everything is also certified organic and almost everything is vegan.

What’s the difference between the two lines? EO Products have more complex formulas and were created to promote well being. Everyone products tend to have simpler formulas, come in larger sizes, and have a slightly different range of more everyday products.

Are EO Products & Everyone Cruelty-Free?

Yes. EO Products and Everyone are cruelty-free. They are on the Logical Harmony Cruelty-Free Brand List and are also certified as cruelty-free by PETA and Leaping Bunny.

Are EO Products & Everyone vegan?

EO Products is cruelty-free and has lots of vegan options. At this time, only the following products are not vegan: EO Chamomile and Honey Shampoo and Conditioner, EO Sulfate Free Keratin Shampoo, and the EO Oatmeal and Honey bar soap. All products in the Everyone line are vegan.

Products included in the EO & Everyone Unboxing video are:

Have you tried EO Products before? What are your favorites from EO Products and Everyone?

Editor’s Note: Some of the product(s) featured in this post were provided by a representative of the company named in this post for editorial consideration. Please note that all reviews are 100% honest and a product would not receive a favorable review unless it provided favorable results.


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