Cruelty-Free Gift Guide

Cruelty-Free Gift Guide - Lush Naked Products

When it comes to the gifting season, it can be tough to find cruelty-free products for everyone on your list. This cruelty-free gift guide focuses on helping you find those last minute cruelty-free gifts for everyone in your life. I love putting together combination gifts that include a mix of skincare, useful products (such as coffee and tea), and cute accessories. So many people don’t take the time to pick these up for themselves and it can be a great way to introduce people to cruelty-free brands and vegan products.

In this cruelty-free gift guide, I share some of my favorites with you.


Cruelty-Free Gift Guide - Lush Naked Products

Lush is one of my favorites for holiday gifts because they have so many gift sets already, but it’s also so easy to customize a Lush experience for someone as well. I love that they offer everything from bath bombs and shower gels to shaving cremes and face wash. Their new Naked products are super interesting and I think they are great gift options for those who already know and love Lush. It’s their same favorites but in a way that makes it so they only need minimal, if any, packaging. Lush is cruelty-free, and all vegan products are marked on both product pages and packaging.

Lush products worth mentioning: Cup O’ Coffee, Kalamazoo, Naked Shower Gels, Holiday Gift Sets, Sleepy Body Lotion

Cruelty-Free Gift Guide - Franklin & Whitman

Franklin & Whitman is another great option for skincare, haircare, and bath products. They even have a balm for dog paws! I love that their line has literally something for everyone. Their beard serum was what started the line and now it’s expanded into a variety of products. You can buy them in sets or individually to customize the experience. Franklin & Whitman is cruelty-free, and all of their products are vegan. Use code LOGICALHARMONY for 20% off your order.

Franklin & Whitman products worth mentioning: Mount Airy Body Serum, Jefferson Square Botanical Steam, Old City Mineral Soak, Oak Lane Face Mask

Cruelty-Free Gift Guide - Au Naturale Makeup

Au Naturale is such a lovely cruelty-free makeup brand. They really set out to prove that natural makeup can perfume just as well as mainstream options and have done a great job doing so. I love that you can find unusual shades that most natural makeup brands don’t make, like bright eyeshadows, vampy lipstick shades, and bold highlights. They also have some amazing holiday sets. Au Naturale is cruelty-free, and all of their products are also vegan and gluten-free.

Cruelty-Free Gift Guide - Au Naturale Makeup

Au Naturale products worth mentioning: Holiday Sets, Zero Gravity C2P Foundation, Pure Powder Highlight, Lip Gloss, Lip Stain, Brush Set

Cruelty-Free Gift Guide - Punky Pins

Punky Pins makes some of the cutest pins, keychains, stickers, and patches out there. I love the adorable Earthlings collection, but they have others that will fit everyone. I love using products like this as an addition to gifts because it’s a really easy way to personalize a gift. I like putting pins on denim jackets and tote bags, and I love that the stickers and keychains are super cute ways to personalize purses, day planners, etc.

Punky Pins products worth mentioning: Earthlings collection, Good Vibes Only patch‘We are the Weirdos, Mister’  pin, Don’t Be A Prick Catci sticker

Eye of Horus Brow Fibre Extend Demo

Eye of Horus is another favorite cosmetics company. They have amazing brow products and really pretty shadow trios. I especially love their vegan mascara as well. If you know someone who loves makeup, this Australian line could be a unique addition to their makeup stash. Eye of Horus is cruelty-free with vegan options.

Eye of Horus products worth mentioning: Eye of Horus & Logical Harmony Vegan Pack, Bio Lash Lift Mascara, Bio Lipsticks, Precision Tweezers

Cruelty-Free Gift Guide - KYPRIS

KYPRIS is perfect for the skincare lover in your life. This skincare range strives to show that you can have incredibly effective skincare using high-quality natural ingredients. Because of their quality ingredients, you only need a tiny bit for each use and the products will last for a very long time. For example, I’ve been using my Pot of Shade Heliotropic cream daily for a couple of months and have barely dented the product. They even have curated discovery kits to help introduce you to a variety of their products. KYRPIS is a great gift for others, but would be perfect to help set up your own perfect skincare routine for the new year. KYPRIS is cruelty-free, and all of their products are also vegan.

KYPRIS products worth mentioning: Discovery KitsPot of Shade: HeliotropicMoonlight CatalystGlow Philtre

Cruelty-Free Gift Guide - NCLA

Other ideas:

What are some of your must-haves for any cruelty-free gift guide?

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