Cruelty Free Brand List Weekly Update

Cruelty Free Brand List Weekly Update

Did you know that the Cruelty Free and Vegan Brand List on Logical Harmony is updated at least once a week? In an effort to make it easier for you to know what changes are happening, we are now publishing a weekly update. This lets you easily see what brands have been added to the list!

What will be included in these updates? A list of brands that have recently been added to the cruelty free list, a list of brands that have been added to the grey area list, a list of brands that have been added to the brands to avoid list, and a list of pending brands.

Read more to see the full Cruelty Free Brand List Weekly Update!

New Cruelty Free Brands – These brands are completely free of animal testing. They also either have vegan options or, if noted by “100% vegan”, are currently a completely vegan line.

  • None!

New Grey Area Brands – Being on this list does not mean that these brands test on animals. It means that we require additional information in order to add these brands to the cruelty free section of the list and have asked these brands for that additional information or clarification.

  • None!

New Brands to Avoid – These brands have a stance on animal testing that Logical Harmony is not comfortable with. This could mean that they test on animals, take part in required by law animal testing, work with 3rd parties or suppliers who test on animals, or that they do not ask or require their ingredient suppliers be cruelty free. This can also mean that these brands will not provide any sort of animal testing statement about their current practices and policies. These brands are best to avoid because animal testing may be involved at some point.

  • EmergenC – Takes part in required by law animal testing.
  • Forever Living – Takes part in required by law animal testing. Says that they are approved by Leaping Bunny, but does not appear on Leaping Bunny’s list of cruelty free brands.
  • Manhattan Cosmetics – Takes part in required by law animal testing.
  • Miss Sporty – Takes part in required by law animal testing.

New Pending Brands – Logical Harmony has reached out to these brands at least seven days ago about their cruelty free status and has yet to receive a response. We are constantly reaching out to brands but understand that it may take them longer than 7 days to get back to us.

  • African Botanics
  • Bio-Oil USA
  • Bomb Cosmetics
  • Daniel Sandler Makeup
  • Deco Miami
  • Essano
  • Eufora
  • Ex1 Cosmetics
  • Faces Cosmetics
  • I Smell Great
  • Keys
  • Nerd Skincare
  • Noyah
  • Our Own Candle Company
  • Smith & Cult
  • Technic Cosmetics
  • The Burlap Bag
  • Uma Oils
  • Vichy Skin Care
  • Vince Camuto
  • Yardley London

Want to use the Logical Harmony Cruelty Free Brand List on the go? Follow the instructions in the posts below for an easy way to take the list with you on your phone!

How to Add the Logical Harmony Cruelty Free Brand List to your iPhoneHow to Add the Logical Harmony Cruelty Free Brand List to your Android


  1. Hey, I’m wondering about Forever Living. Have you figured out if anything changed since the last time you wrote about them here? They sure still are on Leaping Bunny’s list!

  2. Hi Tashina and thanks for your amazing blog! 🙂

    I just wanted to ask why the Freeman Beauty is on the “avoid these brands” list? I always thought that they’re cruelty free.. At least they’re on the Animalia’s (Finnish animal rights organization) list.

    On a side note, I am so upset about the whole situation with cosmetic brands and their take on animal testing.. Why does it have to be so shady… 🙁 I’m afraid of buying anything because of the dishonesty of the brands. Their actions disgust me..
    Sorry for the crappy English! 😀

  3. Hi Tashina!
    I love your blog so much and you are such a down to earth person! I really appreciate the time you put into this website! x

    I just wanted to tell you that Forever living does show up on Cruelty Free International’s brand search (, so they should be cruelty free. Where did you get the information that they test when they are required by the law? If a company claims to be certified but you can’t find it on it could simply mean that they don’t sell their products in USA or Canada.

    I got this answer from when I was worried about another brand that didn’t appear on but did appear on (the brand was Aurelia skincare):

    “Our Leaping Bunny certification forms a part of what we do. The certification of companies from around the world is managed by Cruelty Free International, although we also have international partners who certify companies in specific regions.

    In the US and Canada the programme is managed by our partners the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC), they run the website for American and Canadian shoppers. If you are unable to find a certified company on that website, but you are able to find them on the Cruelty Free International website, it may simply be the case that they do not sell products in the USA or Canada.”

    Have a nice day! ?

    /Emelie Wihlborg, Sweden

    1. Hi Emelie,

      I received this information from the brand themselves. All information presented on Logical Harmony comes directly from the brands.

      “At times, certain governments may require by law that some products go through additional safety testing for human consumption, which could include animal testing. In these cases, Forever Living works with these governments to see if there are other options or other data that can be provided that may satisfy additional testing. In the case that these attempts are unsuccessful, Forever Living must comply with legal regulations required for registration and import.”

      Their products are sold in the US and Canada, but they are no longer on the Leaping Bunny list.

      1. Thank you for your answer! Oh I see, that really sucks! 🙁 I don’t have any of their products but I wanted to try their moisturizer.. but now I will definitely not buy from them!

        But isn’t it kinda weird that they’re still on They are also on the ‘Djurens rätt’ list (which is a Swedish leaping bunny partner). Why do everything has to be so confusing ugh. Thank you again for your answer!

        btw, I hope my English is alright. It could be a bit weird sometimes as it’s not my first language.

        1. Hi Tashina,
          I just tried searching for Forever Living on Leaping Bunny List and they are there. Among the countries it doesnt say China buy it does say “other”. But I suppose they wouldnt be on the list if they sold in China… please do you know anything new about this?
          Thank you

      2. Hi Tashina,

        I was just wondering which Leaping Bunny list Forever Living have been removed from as I can still find them on the UK and USA lists! Obviously this is worrying if they are testing on animals and haven’t been removed!


        1. Hi Rosie,

          They were removed from and the brand is still telling me that they test when required by law. They were just added back to and I am in talks with Leaping Bunny and the brand to figure out what’s going on.

          1. That’s so strange! Thanks for your help anyway, it’s really good to know! I really appreciate the work you’ve put in for this list!

  4. Hi Tashina! I Tweeted Jirano to encourage them to respond to your inquiry about their cruelty free status. They responded that they did reply to you. I hope that they will soon make the list of the products that LH endorses! Cheers, Kim

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