Cruelty-Free Brand List Update

Cruelty-Free Brand List Update

Keeping track of cruelty-free brands can be a challenge! That’s why the Logical Harmony Cruelty-Free Brand List is updated on a regular basis. It seems like it’s a constantly changing landscape and brands can change their status. Plus, there are so many new brands you may not have heard of before. In an effort to make it easier for you to know what changes are happening, we publish an update to let you easily see what brands have been added to the list!

What will be included in these updates? Brands that have recently been added to the cruelty-free list, the grey area list, and the brands to avoid list. An explanation of what being added to each list means is included below. Make sure to check out the full Cruelty-Free Brand List for even more cruelty-free brands!

Brands that have recently been added to the pending brands list will no longer be included in these updates. The Pending Brands list will still be kept up to date, but this will make it easier for people to find out the most important information and allow us to add a large number of pending brands each month in a more efficient manner. The Pending Brands list is currently going through a large update to make it more organized and easier to use. We are also doing a full audit to try and get as many brands as possible onto other lists.

New Logical Harmony Cruelty-Free Brand List additions:

These brands are completely free of animal testing. If noted by “100% vegan”, are currently a completely vegan line. It is also noted if they are cruelty-free, but have a parent company that is not.

  • 100BON – 100% vegan
  • Honey Pot Company, The – 100% vegan
  • Jusu Body
  • Kalon Kosmetics
  • Luna Nectar
  • Makeup Eraser – 100% vegan
  • Mario Badescu
  • Precious Skin Elixirs
  • Puristry – 100% vegan
  • Volition Beauty
  • We Love Eyes – 100% vegan

New Grey Area Brands:

Being on this list does not mean that these brands test on animals, but it also doesn’t necessarily mean that they are cruelty-free either. It means that we require additional information in order to add these brands to the cruelty-free section of the list. In most of these cases, Logical Harmony has asked these brands for that additional information or clarification about their cruelty-free status but has not received it.

  • Nudestix
  • Sapadilla

New Brands to Avoid:

These brands have a stance on animal testing that Logical Harmony is not comfortable with. This could mean that they test on animals, take part in required by law animal testing, work with 3rd parties or suppliers who test on animals, or that they do not ask or require their ingredient suppliers be cruelty-free. This can also mean that these brands will not provide any sort of animal testing statement about their current practices and policies. These brands are best to avoid because animal testing may be involved at some point.

  • Andrex (tests on animals when required by law)
  • CND (Creative Nail Design) (tests on animals when required by law)
  • Cottonelle (tests on animals when required by law)
  • Herborist (tests on animals when required by law)
  • J.F. Lazartigu (tests on animals when required by law)
  • Jejuen (tests on animals when required by law)
  • June Jacobs (tests on animals when required by law)
  • Kenzoki (tests on animals when required by law)
  • Kimberly Clark (tests on animals when required by law)
  • Kocostar (tests on animals when required by law)
  • Kotex (tests on animals when required by law)
  • Lancaster (tests on animals when required by law)
  • Le Petit Marseillais (tests on animals when required by law)
  • Love Beauty & Planet (tests on animals when required by law)

Want to use the Logical Harmony Cruelty-Free Brand List on the go? Follow the instructions in the posts below for an easy way to take the list with you on your phone!

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  1. Hi I note your addition of CND to your nail list. I was concerned about this and so contacted the salon where I have my nails done. She phoned CND who have denied using animal testing for any of their products (although Vinylux and Rescuer RX use lanolin for sheep wool). Please can you confirm how you came about your information as I’m unsure now. The company has confirmed they are cruelty free. I hope this is the case.

    I look forward to your reply x

    1. Hi Nic,

      All the information to determine a brands cruelty-free status comes from the brands themselves. They have continued to tell me that they do not test on animals unless required by law which, by my standards, does not make them cruelty-free. I hope this helps!

  2. Hi!

    Not sure if you’ve already talked about it on here, but do you know if Saturday Skin is cruelty-free? Can’t seem to find any information on them.


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