Boscia is No Longer Cruelty Free

Boscia is No Longer Cruelty Free

It looks like another brand has changed it’s stance on animal testing. Boscia is well known for making high quality skin care products – face masks, cleansers, moisturizers and more. Until recently the brand stated that their products were cruelty free. When this statement disappeared from product packaging and the website, I decided to investigate.

The FAQ on the Boscia website does still contain the following statement about animal testing.

Are boscia products tested on animals?
We do not conduct any testing of ingredients or products on animals. In addition, our products do not contain any animal ingredients.

As with any brand featured here on Logical Harmony, I emailed them to find out more details about their animal testing stance.

The response that I received from a brand representative was very interesting. Not only does it state that they are unable to control testing in international markets, but they also do not address my question about testing on animals during the production process of their products. The response also gives insight as to why the brand removed the “no animal testing” statement from their products and website.

In response to your inquiry, boscia does not advocate animal testing on raw ingredients and/or finished formulas and endeavors to work with partners who share the same values.

However, as we look to expand into international markets, we are unable to control the testing methods used by outside governments.

In the spirit of transparency, we removed the claim “no animal testing” from our website and packaging.

Thank you for your continued support. Your business is very important to us.

In order to list a brand as cruelty free, Logical Harmony asks very detailed questions about animal testing on ingredients used, the production process, the finished product and in regards to local and regional laws. These questions also ask about the brand, a parent company, affiliate company and third party. Boscia is still listed by PETA as a brand that does not test on animals. Since this blog is not affiliated with PETA and I am not sure what their specifications are, I am unable to speak to why this is.

Transparency on behalf of Boscia is extremely appreciated. They are very clear and up front about their change in animal testing stance and the reasons for it.

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  1. As a cancer survivor it’s very sad for me to learn this. Their products are so good but I cannot support animal cruelty. I’d rather have a bad skin. Shame on boscia. That reveals how strong the company values are. Just opened the legs to China. I’m switching to tatcha they truly are cruelty free and preservative free

  2. Just found this website after I emailed Boscia as well. Seems like they’re sticking to their story in 2015. Wish there was more I could do to convince them to be better stewards of the environment.


  3. I thought I’d found what I was looking for: a vegan and cruelty free product line. Then additional research lead me to your thread which enlightened me further. TODAY the Boscia company website STILL states their old claim — below:

    9. Are boscia products tested on animals?
    We do not conduct any testing of ingredients or products on animals. In addition, our products do not contain any animal ingredients.

    Shopping has become so difficult.
    So many companies want to sell in China, and or are owned by parent company with different philosophy (for me ie: MAC). I want to support companies doing the vegan way — all the way — vegan, cruelty free, and organic — full product line: skin care and makeup.

    1. Hi Kelly,

      Since there is no regulation of these terms, it can be very tricky. I’ve reached out to the brand again just to check in. I’m surprised that they have never updated their FAQ to reflect the changes they told me they were making. Since testing that is done as required by law is done by a 3rd party, many brands still state that they are cruelty free or that they do not test on animals. It’s very frustrating as a consumer.

      1. Thanks for all your GREAT work.

        I decided to look into vegan skincare and cosmetic about a week ago when I stumbled upon Paula’s Choice product reviews. That was eye opening in and of itself. Then add my desire for vegan, cruelty free products (leaving out organic, fair trade, natural, environmentally conscious) and my my my my my it’s become a f/t process. It’s sad, and very disheartening to learn how rare these products are — especially if I want to set the stipulation that the full company lineup meet my specific criteria.

        I can only imagine the insane animal testing environment going on in China; when factoring in China’s human rights issues, it’s maddening to think of the true animal testing environment which may exist — the sheer volume of products and mass testing necessary is frightful. I am very glad to learn from your posts that some very large companies are working to encourage China to reconsider their horrible stance regarding animal testing.

        Companies seemed to make quite a profit prior to the China market being opened. I’d like more companies to take the position of bypassing the lure of money and skip selling in China purely for ethical reasons. I’m fairly sure many people (consumers) who seek vegan, vegetarian, cruelty free product lines would go out of their way to support a company, and sing their praises, if they opted out of China — I would. Matter of fact, a product label: not sold in China Would be helpful.


        1. Hi Kelly,

          Thank you so much for your comment. It’s amazing to see such passionate feelings about this issue and I think it’s great that you are really empowering yourself with education about this issue. I agree – it would be great to see companies leaving China for more than just animal rights issues.

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