beautyblender & Real Techniques Comparison

beautyblender & Real Techniques Comparison

As a longtime fan of the beautyblender, I had also seen lots of people suggest the Real Techniques blending sponge as an alternative. The Real Techniques sponge is much more affordable than the beautyblender and many claim that it works just as well. I wanted to see how it really worked. In this video, I do my makeup using a Real Techniques sponge on one side of my face and a beautyblender pro on the other.

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Included in the beautyblender & Real Techniques Comparison are:

Which makeup sponge do you use? Do you have any tips for makeup application with either one?

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  1. I’ve been using the Real Techniques sponge for quite a long time now and have been wondering how much product it’s been wasting. Very interesting to see a side by side comparison with the real Beauty Blender and after seeing it I think I have to go buy the Beauty Blender now. I was satisfied with it for a long time but I find now that not all makeup comes out when I clean it and it’s also starting to tear in a few spots. The reason I never got the BB before was because of many reviews saying the BB broke sooner than the RT sponge and I’m not the most gentle person. For the difference in application, coverage, and amount of product used though it definitely seems worth it now! Great video!

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