Axiology Lipstick Swatches, Try-On & Review

Axiology Lipstick Swatches, Try-On & Review

Axiology is a cruelty free, natural, organic, and vegan cosmetic brand. They currently have over 15 shades of vegan lipstick available. While they specialize in earth-toned hues, the shades range from nudes to pinks to reds and even a couple of dark vampy hues. When Axiology offered to send me some lipstick shades to try, I was so excited. I have been hearing great things about them for months and couldn’t wait to see how these lipsticks applied and how they would wear over time.

In this post, I share a video with swatches and a try-on of the shades that I received from Axiology. I also share my thoughts on each shade I received and the lipsticks as a whole.

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The Axiology lipstick shades that I received are Devotion, Noble, Elusive, Theory, and Philosophy. In the video embedded above you can see swatches and a try-on of each shade as well as hear my initial impressions of the lipsticks.

Axiology Lipstick Swatches, Try-On & Review

One of the things I immediately noticed about Axiology lipstick were the boxes that they came in. Not only are they a unique triangle shape, but they are made from recycled paper with one end painted old. This isn’t just ordinary recycled paper either. While Axiology founder, Ericka, was in Bali she found a boutique recycled paper store. They were using paper being recycled by businesses and homes around Bali. As you can imagine, this had a great impact on reducing the garbage produced in this area. Axiology works with that company now to make their lipstick boxes. The paper that is collected is boiled down to a pulp, laid out to the sun to dry, and finally folded and then decorated by hand to be turned into this fancy boxes.

What also stood out to be were the tubes that the Axiology lipsticks are in. They are sleek matte gold tubes. When you press the bottom of the tube, the actual tube of lipstick will pop out. This inner tube is shiny gold and really brings out the colors of the lipsticks. The tubes just look and feel so luxurious and chic! You’ll want to display them on your vanity. They are just too pretty to tuck away in a drawer or makeup bag.

Axiology Lipstick Swatches, Try-On & Review

Axiology lipstick in Devotion – This shade is described as “a pink and brown combination for the perfect “my lips but better ‘look’.” The description of this lipstick shade is spot on. It’s a gorgeous nude that really makes the colors in your complexion pop.

Axiology Lipstick Swatches, Try-On & Review

Axiology lipstick in Noble – This shade is described as “a succulent, hybrid peach-pink tone that keeps lips looking glossy and fresh.” This pink shade looks pretty, natural, and is perfect for everyday looks. You could wear this shade with mascara and look very polished and pulled together.

Axiology Lipstick Swatches, Try-On & Review

Axiology lipstick in Elusive – This shade is described as “a burgundy-drenched tone that satiates your desire for stand-out color.” This rich warm brown can appear redder depending on the undertone of your natural lip color. If you like brown lipsticks but are on the fence about red, this could be a great shade to try out.

Axiology Lipstick Swatches, Try-On & Review

Axiology lipstick in Theory – This shade is described as “a light brown base and a whisper of rose, Theory colors your lips with a matte finish.” This brown is neutral toned but can appear warmer or more red based on the undertones in your lips. When applied on me, I loved this reddish-brown shade. If you want a change from the everyday brown lipsticks, add this to your collection.

Axiology Lipstick Swatches, Try-On & Review

Axiology lipstick in Philosophy – This shade is described as a “ultra-smooth pink blends with a twist of salmon.” This pale, peachy pink shade didn’t wash out my complexion like similar shades often do. This shade would be so pretty with just a touch of blush on the cheeks for a polished everyday look.

Some of the main ingredients in Axiology lipsticks are raw & organic mango butter, organic castor seed oil, orange essential oil, organic avocado oil, organic coconut oil, organic candelilla wax, organic grapeseed oil, vitamin e oil, and mineral powder pigments. This combination creates a very creamy and buttery formula. The Axiology lipsticks glide on smoothly, feel very moisturizing, and last a very long time.

Axiology Lipstick Swatches, Try-On & Review

Another great thing about Axiology is that they partner with organizations that focus on helping our plant and animals. 6% of their 2015 profits will be donated to the Orangutan Foundation International. I think that this is amazing when brands give back and help animals.

I was really happy with these lipsticks. The shades were all really pretty, and I loved the formula. Each shade applied very smoothly and felt light-weight and moisturizing. It really does feel like I am just wearing chapstick. The Axiology lipsticks don’t dry out my lips during wear, and they are pigmented enough to last for hours. I can’t wait to try more shades!

Have you used lipsticks from Axiology before? What did you think? Which shades are your favorites?

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  1. The packaging is to die for! Literally! Love everything about it!
    The shades look really nice – to suit every skintone.
    I like that they are moisturizing. I find that a lot of lipsticks are drying which is annoying.
    Sending love from Slovakia xoxo

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