Ways I Add “Me Time” to My Days #adv

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PEOPLE®, StyleWatch®, InStyle®, and Sunset®. The opinions and text are all mine. 

Ways I Add "Me Time" to My Days

One goal of mine lately is to make a bigger effort to take “me time”. Like so many of you, I’m very busy and it’s really easy to skip taking this time for myself in favor of working on projects, cleaning the house, or a variety of other things. I’m really excited to partner with PEOPLE and Sunset on this post to detail how I work “me time” into my routine. This is a post I had been wanting to create for some time, and I love that I was able to partner with them to help share this with you.

Unwinding in the evenings with some tea, essential oils, chakra sprays, crystals and something to read is one of my favorite ways to add in some “me time”. I love to take a break and feel relaxed and inspired. I put some oil(s) in my diffuser, mist myself with a chakra spray, get out my rose quartz and sip some tea while relaxing. This little ritual is one of the easiest ways for me to get that time while transitioning between work and working on Logical Harmony or Lightworker Crystals or to help me start the day. This is probably the most common way that I take “me time” as well.

Most often, I read books, but this week while we were picking up some salad greens and kombucha at Safeway, I decided to pick up the new PEOPLE and Sunset issues while I was checking out. The cover of Sunset really spoke to me and I wanted a quick way to check into the fall fashions that celebrities are wearing.

Sunset inspires me because of all the beautiful outdoor photos. It makes me look forward to fall vacations in the mountains near Lake Tahoe, going for hikes on brisk fall mornings, and cozying up by the fireplace at night. I love reading about new areas and new places to explore. It’s fun that Sunset is focused on the West Coast because it makes every location it talks about a potential option for a weekend getaway.

Ways I Add "Me Time" to My Days

Giving myself a DIY manicure is another great way to take some time for myself. This is a short pampering routine that I can do anytime of the day. Sometimes it’s a nice treat during my lunch break. I love to use a nice hand scrub, a good hand cream and cuticle oil, and this week I felt especially inspired to pick a fun and playful polish shade.

Ways I Add "Me Time" to My Days

I love looking at the pages of PEOPLE to see what colors are trending right now. It can be a fun way to help me pick a color when I just cannot decide which shade to wear.

Ways I Add "Me Time" to My Days

Making jewelry for Lightworker Crystals is technically work, but it’s something that I also enjoy. Being away from a computer screen and creating something with my hands is really fun for me. Not to mention, I love being around the healing energy of the crystals and the sage and palo santo that I burn to cleanse them before shipping them out. It’s just a lovely experience and I love having this connection with my readers. I loved thumbing through the pages of Sunset and felt so inspired by all the fall colors of the landscapes. It’s definitely going to influence the crystals that I carry this fall.

Ways I Add "Me Time" to My Days

Taking some time before bed to really make my skin care an in-depth routine is another way that I relax and take some time for myself. I love a good facial scrub, followed by a soothing skin steam, a refreshing face mask, and a very moisturizing serum. The whole process just feels so luxurious! When I really want to check out of the real world, I ignore notifications on my phone for a while and get lost in a book or magazine while my mask is doing its work. Sometimes I love to think about future vacations I could plan or meals to make while browsing Sunset. The idea of doing this skincare routine while looking out onto a gorgeous view of a lake or mountain is so nice.

How do you take some “me time” during the week? What rituals are the most important to you?

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