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Relogy Natural Acne Treatment Kit Review

Relogy Natural Acne Treatment Kit Review

When it comes to skin care, I realize that the same products don’t work for everyone. I am always trying new brands and lines to see what can help you with your skin problems. A common question is about skincare that can help clear up acne without causing irritation or dryness. Recently, Relogy sent me a three-part skincare set to try out. The Relogy Natural Acne Treatment Kit contains a cleanser, moisturizer, and spot treatment.

Claims: “Relogy combines clinical acne treatment with the benefits of natural ingredients to bring you a better kind of acne treatment and prevention in a new, gentle way. Relogy is proven effective. A key difference of Relogy from traditional acne products is that is uses natural ingredients known for their beneficial acne clearing qualities together with clinical acne medicine (derived from botanicals) in a silky oxygenated foam. This rids the skin of harmful bacteria, clears acne breakouts and gives skin what it needs to be healthy-looking, smooth and radiant.”

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Relogy Vegan Skin Care Review

Relogy Vegan Skin Care Review

One item I get a lot of inquires about is finding cruelty free and vegan skincare that is good for acne prone skin. Most of the products on the market for this skin type are not cruelty free or vegan. It seems to have led to a lot of frustrated people out there who just want to treat their skin right. Well, luckily, there’s now a cruelty free and vegan brand that offers just that.

Relogy was founded with the belief that you do not need harsh chemicals to balance out your skin. This is something that I strongly believe in as well. By taking this mentality and applying it to skin care meant for problematic skin, Relogy made products that are not only effective but also are not harsh on your skin either. Not only that, but the products are not tested on animals (all ingredients are cruelty free) and they also do not contain any animal ingredients.

When you buy Relogy, it comes in a kit with three products –

  1. Rinse-Free Acne Treatment Foam
  2. Skin Balancing Lotion with Coconut Milk
  3. Targeted Spot Treatment with Seaweed Extract

You are able to sign up for a one time package or an auto-refill plan to keep the skin care coming your way every 60 days.

Update – Relogy is now sold on Vegan Cuts! If you’ve been wanting to try out the line, you can get the complete package for only $35 through Vegan Cuts!

When I was first asked to try Relogy, I admit that I was a bit hesitant. My skin was in the middle of the winter freak out – where it dries out and then, as a result of being too dry, breaks out. I was worried that it would irritate my skin and make the dryness worse like other skin care items I have tried in the past. However, I was pleasantly surprised with Relogy.

The Rinse-Free Acne Treatment Foam is really gentle. I especially love that it’s a foam. It left my skin feeling really clean, but not dry. I used it as a cleanser, but there is the option to leave it on and use it as a treatment. I would suggest using it as a cleanser first and seeing how your skin reacts before trying this method. Since my skin problems were not too severe, I did not try this method and cannot vouch for how it works.

My favorite item from the kit was the Skin Balancing Lotion with Coconut Milk. It’s a really lightweight but effective moisturizer. I found it perfect to put on in the mornings before my makeup as it absorbed quickly and did not make my skin greasy in any way. Plus, a little bit really went a long way. I love that it comes in a pump for ease of use.

The Targeted Spot Treatment with Seaweed Extract is another great product. It works really fast! I applied it to problem spots (after cleansing and moisturizing) and the spot shrunk visibly overnight. Within a couple of days, it had vanished completely.

Nothing about this skin care line was too harsh, and all of the products were effective. After just a few users, the condition of my skin improved. I only saw more improvement as I went on using the products morning and night. For those with problematic skin (or like me, are dealing with weather changes making a mess of your skin) it’s definitely worth checking out Relogy. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on brand news and product giveaways.

Update – Relogy is now sold on Vegan Cuts! If you’ve been wanting to try out the line, you can get the complete package for only $35 through Vegan Cuts!

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