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The Best Cruelty-Free Razors

The Best Cruelty-Free Razors

Looking for a cruelty-free razor to add to your hair removal routine? There are a handful of options out there. When it comes to a cruelty-free beauty routine, an often overlooked product is cruelty-free razors. It doesn’t seem like a product that would be tested on animals, right? But many brands who make razors make other products too, and many mainstream shaving brands test on animals. If you’re vegan, add to that the fact that …

Cruelty Free Brand List Weekly Update

Cruelty-Free Brand List Weekly Update

Did you know that the Cruelty-Free Brand List on Logical Harmony is updated every week? In an effort to make it easier for you to know what changes are happening, we are now publishing a weekly update. This lets you easily see what brands have been added to the list! What will be included in these updates? Brands that have recently been added to the cruelty-free list, the grey area list, the brands to avoid list, …