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Kypris Glow Philtre Refining Mask Demo

KYPRIS Glow Philtre Refining Mask Demo

The KYPRIS Glow Philtre mask is one that I have heard a lot of buzz around. As a cruelty-free and vegan brand, KYPRIS has focused on making skincare that is both natural and also very effective. The KYPRIS Glow Philtre Refining Mask has a lot of rave reviews for how it works as both a hydrating and also gently exfoliating face mask. When KYPRIS sent me this mask to try out, I was immediately curious to see …

Lush Birth of Venus Jelly Mask Demo & First Impressions

Lush Birth of Venus Jelly Mask Demo & First Impressions

If you’re familiar with Logical Harmony at all, then you’ll know that I have been using lots of Lush face masks for a very long time. They recently launched a series of cruelty-free jelly face masks and I could not wait to give them a try! The Lush Birth of Venus Jelly Mask is meant to help refresh and balance your skin. I’m always curious to try any vegan-friendly face mask, so I wanted to give …

Lush Cup O' Coffee Mask Demo & Review

Lush Cup O’ Coffee Mask Demo & Review

It’s well known that the Lush Cup O’ Coffee Mask is one of my all-time favorite cruelty-free face masks. I use this vegan-friendly mask and scrub combo several times a week. When I recently went to visit the Lush North American HQ in Vancouver, I was so excited that I was able to make a miniature batch of Cup O’ Coffee! I realized that I have talked about this mask a lot, and done demos on Instagram …