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The Ultimate Cruelty-Free Perfume Guide

The Ultimate Cruelty-Free Perfume Guide

When it comes to perfume, many people are surprised to find out that most mainstream perfume brands are not cruelty-free. Is finding cruelty-free perfume tough? Not at all! There are so many amazing cruelty-free perfume brands. Many people assume that it is hard to find cruelty free and vegan perfume, but it is actually a lot easier than you may think. In the past, picking out a cruelty-free perfume or a vegan perfume often meant that you were headed to your local health food store. But did you know that even stores like Sephora carry cruelty-free perfume brands?

You can find these cruelty-free perfumes in classic spray bottles, solid perfume, and even perfume wipes. This makes it really easy to have cruelty-free perfume at home and some that you can travel with.

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