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How to Make Chai Cocoa

How to Make Chai Cocoa

The Holiday Season is well underway, and as the weather cools down at Logical Harmony HQ we find ourselves next to the fireplace with classic books and delicious hot beverages, reminiscing of seasons past. With every year that passes it seems more and more traditions, as wonderful as they were, are giving way to new holiday activities while others simply transform themselves to better suit the person I am today. One of my favorite winter …

How to Make the Perfect Moscow Mule with Nov and Somm

How to Make the Perfect Moscow Mule

One of my favorite classic cocktails is the Moscow Mule. First popular in the 1950’s, this cocktail has been enjoying a recent revival and is one of my favorite drinks. The fresh mix of ginger and lime makes this a perfect drink year round. Recently two of my friends launched a drinkware development company, Nov & Somm. Their first product is a copper Moscow Mule mug. Being able to support my friends while creating and …