Did China End Animal Testing?

In the last couple of days, the cruelty-free community has been full of news about China supposedly ending required animal testing. Headlines were posted and rumors went flying. Did China end animal testing? Has China their laws to allow cosmetic brands sold in the country to avoid animal testing? Should we now consider cosmetic brands selling in China to be cruelty-free? To say people were confused would be an understatement. Many cruelty-free consumers began to celebrate what they believed to be a massive change in the Chinese animal testing policy. While there have been steps taken in China that progress, most of what was being circulated was not accurate and very misleading. While China has announced plans to reduce post-market animal testing of cosmetics, headlines claiming that China has ended animal testing are inaccurate and misleading. As a result of headlines claiming that China has ended required animal testing, I received a lot of messages from people telling me how excited they were and how they had gone out to purchase products from MAC, L’Oreal, NARS, and other brands known for testing on animals as they now believed those brands were cruelty-free. China has not banned animal testing. China has … Continue reading Did China End Animal Testing?