Q&A with Holly from FitQuick and PlantFit

Q&A with Holly from FitQuick and PlantFit

This weekend, a brand new cafe and gym is opening in Oakland, CA. Owned by Holly Works and  Ed Bauer, this is a one of a kind fitness and food experience. The PlantFit Strength & Conditioning Gym is combined with the FitQuick Performance Cafe to bring all of your plant based fitness needs to you in one place. The PlantFit gym will offer appointments for private personal training, small group classes, and monthly open gym memberships. The FitQuick Cafe will have food, drinks, FitQuick waffle mix, vegan supplements and more.

I first met Holly and Ed at a vegan fitness expo. Holly is not only a badass in the gym, but also in the kitchen. She is a chef but this year also launched FitQuick, a line of protein waffle mix. When I first found out about the new business that she and Ed would be opening I was beyond excited. Not only could I not wait to find out more myself but I also could not wait to share more with the readers of Logical Harmony! For those who are in the Bay Area, the grand opening of the event is this Saturday, January 17th. You can find details in the Facebook event.

Holly was sweet enough to answer some questions with me about how fitness has impacted her life, her cruelty free beauty favorites, and how she has been able to balance starting a business with taking care of her body.

Continue reading to find out more about Holly and more details about the PlantFit Strength & Conditioning Gym and the FitQuick Performance Cafe.

Q&A with Holly from FitQuick and PlantFit

Logical Harmony: What first inspired you to get into working out and fitness?

Holly: I first became inspired to get into fitness when I was living in Seattle about 5 years ago. It was cold and the weather really got to my head, so a local friend mentioned she worked out with some other friends in the evening and it made her feel awesome, so I joined up then quickly fell in love. I stumbled through many parts of fitness from all cardio to body weight training, TRX and machines to finally venturing into the male centric weight room to learn how stoked weight lifting made me. Over time lifting has become a central part of my life. I lost close to 60# without thinking much about it because all I wanted to do was challenge myself, lift heavier, and feel strong. It’s my way of centering in on myself only, focusing on nothing but getting stronger, on being better every day. Also as a survivor, like many women, I want to feel like I’ll never again be a victim and somehow picking hundreds of pounds up off the ground or getting through a crazy workout alive makes me feel totally empowered. In addition to all that it gives me a chance to show the world that veganism can only make you a better athlete, by giving you a stronger purpose, helping you recover faster and live cleaner. This year will be the year that I hope to bring that to others, either by being part of the insanely inspiring PlantBuilt team to compete in PowerLifting as well as co opening PlantFit Strength and Conditioning and FitQuick Performance Cafe; a community that joins all aspects of healthy fit living in a single one stop shop.

Q&A with Holly from FitQuick and PlantFit

FitQuick currently comes in three flavors: Vanilla, Java Chip, and Holiday Spice.

Logical Harmony: How has it changed your life?

Holly: Fitness and lifting have made me feel stronger, more confident and has helped level out my headspace. I find that if your head is messed up or life seems overwhelming that a killer workout can really pull you out of it.

Logical Harmony: Do you have any advice for those who are new to working out and may be intimidated by the variety of options out there?

Holly: My advice to folks just starting and a little intimidated is just to start. I was the same way, I think everyone is no matter how much they might deny it. Especially as a girl, all you really see is running on treadmills and yoga so if that isn’t what you’re into (no shame if that’s what makes you stoked) but if you want to venture elsewhere then you’ve got to be kind of brave. I started by seeing equipment that looked interesting, then going home and researching it by watching videos on then going back and doing those movements with light weight hella times in a mirror until it felt right. Also, grab a friend that you think is killing it or seems super passionate about a type of fitness that sounds cool to you then tell them you want to get into it and ask to join them. If you don’t have a friend or someone you feel comfortable talking to like this, then find one online. There is so much inspiration online, and I’m not talking the “fitspro” pictures. But if even that doesn’t catch, just find a coach (like one of us!) or gym to talk you through it, and I’d strongly recommend finding someone, somewhere, that fits you and not the cookie cutter 24 Hour Fitness or Planet Fitness folk. Trust me, taking care of your body and learning how to move is worth whatever investment of time, energy and money so jump in and never look back.

Q&A with Holly from FitQuick and PlantFit
Logical Harmony: What are your cannot-live-without cruelty free and vegan skin care and makeup products?

Holly: Oh man, I’m kind of a tom boy with a bit of style so my beauty and skin care collection is pretty small, I rely on amazing people like you to keep me informed when I want to get pretty. I’ve got some Urban Decay shadows that I adore, my Ellovi chap stick, and Dessert Essence Lotion for tattoo as well as every day lotion.

Q&A with Holly from FitQuick and PlantFit

Logical Harmony: You are about to embark on a very exciting journey of opening a gym and cafe with your partner. This is amazing!! What have you done to keep things balanced between life, working out, and starting a business?

Holly: Haha, finding balance among the chaos of life is not easy, especially when drive is built deep in your core. Between training twice a day most days, taking care of our newest furbaby Apollo puppy, building FitQuick the waffle business as well as the new FitQuick/PlantFit community, and trying to keep up with normal life stuff there really isn’t a whole lot of extra time. We are really lucky on a lot of levels here: we both understand drive and what it takes to get stuff done because we have both owned businesses before. So when dates mean audiobooks while painting or building all night then that’s just as good as candle lit dinners because we know this is our dream. I have an amazing support system too! Knowing my family, friends, online and local community and partner have my back 100% means the world. It gets you through doubt and fear and the times when things seem less than fun. Also, I know that what I want to put in the world is what I want to see in it. Leading a plant based life gives me drive because I know that I’m not just building this for me, my family and my clients but also to show the world that they can live without oppressing others and hopefully we can save some lives in the process.

PlantFit Strength & Conditioning Gym and FitQuick Performance Cafe  will be open together, offering appointments for private personal training, small group classes, or monthly open gym memberships.The training is results driven with a focus on functional movements and community based. For members who sign up for a monthly membership for “open gym” hours. These hours will currently be from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM for morning as well as 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, Monday thru Friday. During this time members are fully welcome to come use the space and/or visit the Cafe or the supplement shop. The supplement which will have an array of vegan supplements, FiQuick waffle mixes and apparel. Regular members are welcome to visit the cafe during their appointments as well. For new appointments or to become a member please email or contact Holly at

You can stay up to date with Holly on Instagram and YouTube. Find out more about the gym and stay tuned for updates on the PlantFit Strength website. Order bags of FitQuick waffle mix from Vegan Proteins.

Images via Holly Works.

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