Cruelty-Free Brand List

Welcome to the Logical Harmony Cruelty-Free Brand List! We do all our own research to find out which brands are cruelty-free and the Logical Harmony Cruelty-Free Brand List is one of the most trusted list of cruelty-free brands out there. This list was created by Logical Harmony (Not PETA, Leaping Bunny, or any other blog or website.) This list was first published in 2011 and has been regularly updated since that time. This list of cruelty-free brands includes only brands that we can be sure are cruelty-free and offer vegan options. Want to search this list? Press Ctrl + F on Windows or Command + F on a Mac to open a search box. Type in the brand name you wish to find and hit “Enter”. If the brand is listed, your browser should scroll to it automatically. Still can’t find a brand on this list? The brand you’re looking for may be on the Brands to Avoid list, the Pending List, or the Grey Area list. (Click each list to view it.) If you have searched all the lists and cannot find the brand you are looking for then you can submit a brand here. Cruelty-Free Brands All brands on this list are cruelty-free and … Continue reading Cruelty-Free Brand List