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Sephora Collection Cosmetics are No Longer Cruelty Free

Sephora Collection Cosmetics are No Longer Cruelty Free

It breaks my heart to add another brand to the list of those now testing on animals in order to sell in China. The most recent to be added is the Sephora Collection brand. Sephora’s name brand has long been know for offering quality cruelty free cosmetics at decent prices. For some time I have depended on them to give me the cruelty-free knock offs to items that I love but will not buy. They also had a decent selection of vegan items. This is why it’s unfortunate to share the news that the Sephora Collection Cosmetics are No Longer Cruelty Free. Sadly, the change in stance on animal testing appears to have been made and the brand is now sold in China.

Why does this mean that the Sephora Collection cosmetics are no longer cruelty free? Chinese law requires that cosmetics sold there be tested on animals. You can read more about my understanding of this requirement in the post Animal Testing and China. Some brands choose to make their cosmetics elsewhere and ship the finished products into China as this is a way to get around the animal testing law. However, it should be noted that the Sephora Collection cosmetics are made in China, making this an unlikely possibility.

I first heard about this possible change from a reader (thank you, Sarah!) and was sent the link to the Sephora brand being sold on the Sephora China site by fellow cruelty free blog The Rabbit Hops. I am currently waiting to hear back from a representative of the company to confirm. However, I feel comfortable posting about this because the Sephora brand is in fact being sold, plain as day, on the Sephora China website.

Update: Sephora has now release the following statement about their stance on animal testing.

Sephora does not test Sephora Collection or Sephora Original products on animals, and we do not ask others to do so on our behalf, unless it is required by law in specific countries where we operate. We want to see the practice of animal testing ended entirely and we are a strong advocate for the development and implementation of alternative methods

2012 seems to be the year that many brands are making this change – MAC and Smashbox were two of the ones that made the biggest headlines by doing so. Urban Decay considered it, and then thankfully changed their mind at the last minute. With the change with the Sephora Collection also comes to change of Sephora Collection brand Hello Kitty, Kat Von D, and all other lines created under the Sephora Collection.

I am extremely disappointed in Sephora for this decision. I really hope that I hear back from the company and, no matter what I hear, I will be updating this post at that time. I am now removing the Sephora Collection from all of the cruelty free brand lists on Logical Harmony, will be adding a statement on all previous posts mentioning this line, and will no longer endorse them in the future.

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Metamour Vegan Skin Care Review

Metamour Vegan Skin Care Review

As you get older, finding a good skin care regiment that works with your skin is not only more and more important, but also more and more difficult. I have combination skin. Which is both in some ways a blessing and in other ways a curse. It seems that the more basic I make my skin care routine the better my skin responds. Most cleansers dry it out too much and most moisturizers just make my skin oily. This is why when I was asked to try out products from Metamour Skin Care, I couldn’t wait to see how my skin reacted.

The Metamour Skin Care products that I got to try are :

  • Metamour Immortelle Creme Cleanse
  • Metamour Immortelle Day & Night Creme
  • Metamour Botanique Lavendar Grosso Calming Toner
  • Metamour Botanique Vitamin C Serum

All of the products are both cruelty free and vegan. This means that they were not tested on animals at any point, nor were any of the ingredients tested on animals. This includes by Metamour Skin Care or by any third party. In addition, the products don’t contain any animal ingredients such as lanolin, beeswax, or animal based glycerin. I love that this line is about providing the best for your skin without cutting any corners or lowering any standards. You can read detailed ingredient lists of all the Metamour products online.

The quick way to summarize this review is that Metamour is honestly the best skin care line that I’ve ever used. When I stuck to using only the Metamour products morning and night, my skin looked better than it has in years. I also got a lot of compliments on how my skin looked and my complexion. It worked well with my combination skin. It didn’t leave areas dry and others oily. It left it perfectly balanced, soft and healthy.

The Creme Cleanse is great for all skin types.  Being made with almond oil, it definitely feels substantial and a little bit goes a long way. It easily removed my makeup without leaving my skin feeling tight or dry. I love that it has a soft and slightly floral, but also, earthy scent. I especially loved the bottle that it came in. It just looks so incredibly luxe on your bathroom counter

The Lavendar Grosso Calming Toner does a great job of removing any extra dirt on your skin, isn’t drying, and doesn’t have an overpowering smell. I don’t typically like lavender products. This one smelled natural and not artificial. As suggested on the Metamour Skin Care site, I also took to spraying it on my pillow before bed. It made crawling into bed feel a little more special.

The Vitamin C Serum is the first skin serum that I have tried. I had used one Vitamin C product before this, and it broke my skin out into a rash, so I was a little scared to try this at first. Studies suggest that Vitamin C may help to stimulate collagen and help skin look younger. Thankfully, this serum was gentle enough that it didn’t irritate my skin at all. It really helped my skin feel soft and smooth.

The Immortelle Day & Night Cream was the only product that I wasn’t incredibly happy with. Don’t get me wrong – this stuff is an amazing night cream! I loved that it has a thick consistency so a little bit is all that you need. It’s incredibly moisturizing and made my skin feel super super soft. For my skin type, it was just a bit too thick to use during the day. It made for an amazing night cream and would be a great option for those with dry skin.

My one complaint with Metamour Skin Care is that the packaging is a little confusing. It tells you a lot of information about the product – what the ingredients are and how they may benefit your skin. The one thing that I wished the packaging included were directions. Yes, skin care is really a logical thing to use. However some serums are great to apply day and night, while others can irritate your skin if you are out in the sun while wearing them.

It’s a very small thing to complain about. Which goes back to what  I stated before – this is easily my favorite skin care line. After trying these Metamour products, I can honestly say that I want to try more. I would also suggest that you try them as well. Skin care is a luxury that is worth having. Your skin goes through so much stress (both environmental and otherwise) that it’s worth taking care of and investing in something that works well for your skin.

Metamour Skin Care has been nice enough to offer Logical Harmony readers a 50% Discount on their purchases!!!!! To receive this discount, email with your order information and “Logical Harmony” in the subject line. You will receive an invoice via PayPal.

Editor’s Note: The product(s) featured in this post were provided by a representative of the company named in this post for editorial consideration. Please note that all reviews are 100% honest and a product would not receive a favorable review unless it provided favorable results.

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Paul Mitchell May Change Their Cruelty Free Status and Start Selling in China

Paul Mitchell May Change Their Cruelty Free Status and Start Selling in China

No matter what your stance is on using cruelty free and vegan products, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of Paul Mitchell. Started over 30 years ago, Paul Mitchell has been one of the biggest names in hair care since. From salons that offer services from hair cuts to dye jobs to waxing even down to bottles of product that you can get at Target, Paul Mitchell is everywhere. It’s also a company that is cruelty free and has a lot of vegan options.

Update on July 25, 2012 – I have spoken to a representative of Paul Mitchell who has assured me that their stance on animal testing is not going to change! Paul Mitchell is not going to sell their products in China until there are alternatives to animal testing readily available. This is what they had to say about Paul Mitchell, animal testing and the possibility of selling in China – 

“Since our company’s founding over 30 years ago, we have been committed to being a cruelty-free company. We do not conduct or condone animal testing on our products. We will not attempt to market products in China until alternative methods to animal testing have been accepted by the government. We are honored and encouraged to be working with China to bring about positive change. We always have been and always will be cruelty-free!”

 As with all companies that Logical Harmony supports, I asked that Paul Mitchell provide me with a little information about what cruelty free means to them. In order for me to consider a company cruelty free, they must fall under a few standards. Since there is no regulation for the term, many companies can claim to be cruelty free when only the finished product is not tested on animals. I asked Paul Mitchell if their products are tested on animals at any point during production by themselves, an affiliate or a third party. I also asked if the ingredients used in their products are tested on animals at any point by themselves, an affiliate or a third party. This is the response that I received – 

 “Absolutely not. In accordance with our cruelty-free policy, none of our products or ingredients used in the products are tested on animals, either by Paul Mitchell or its suppliers.”

 Logical Harmony is proud to support Paul Mitchell as a cruelty free brand!!!!

When Aveda changed their stance on animal testing (along with all other Estee Lauder Brands) it left Paul Mitchell as the only mainstream hair care line that was still cruelty free and had vegan options. As their own website states –

We were the first professional beauty company to stand up against animal testing, and we’ve long been a leader in the global effort to protect consumers from tampered products.

It’s my sad duty to report that recently Paul Mitchell has been reconsidering their stance on animal testing in order to sell their products in China. As many of you know, it’s required by law that all beauty products sold in China be tested on animals. Like other beauty industry giants, Paul Mitchell is seeing the possibility of financial gain by selling in China as being more important than staying true to their stance on animal testing.

What can you do?

Contact Paul Mitchell and tell them how important it is to you that they keep their cruelty free status! It’s not too late to get them to think twice about expanding to China! Afterall, this worked with Urban Decay. Their contact us page has an email address listed as well as a phone number.

Email Paul Mitchell –

Call Paul Mitchell – 1-800-793-8790

You can easily copy and paste the following into an email and send it to Paul Mitchell. It’s important to use your voice and let them know that you won’t support them testing on animals in order to sell in China. They haven’t made the decision yet, so timing is really important.

Please let me know if you submit a letter to Paul Mitchell or call them! Please note that they have not yet made this change. Paul Mitchell is currently still a cruelty free brand. Let them know what you think while they are still just considering selling in China. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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Urban Decay Is No Longer Going to Sell in China & Will Remain Cruelty Free

Urban Decay Is No Longer Going to Sell in China & Will Remain Cruelty Free

Last month, Urban Decay announced that it had decided to change their stance on animal testing in order to sell in China. Today, Urban Decay announced that they are no longer going to proceed with this change!! Urban Decay will not be selling their products in China and will remain cruelty free. Both Leaping Bunny and PETA have decided to endorse the brand again.

Urban Decay has updated their Animal Testing Policy to read :

After careful consideration of many issues, we have decided not to start selling Urban Decay products in China. While several factors were important in reaching this decision, ultimately we did not feel we could comply with current regulations in China and remain true to our core principles. We know there are many progressive consumers in China who would embrace an opportunity to purchase non-animal tested products – our hope remains that we have the chance to offer Urban Decay products to these consumers someday in the future.

Following our initial announcement, we realized that we needed to step back, carefully review our original plan, and talk to a number of individuals and organizations that were interested in our decision. We regret that we were unable to respond immediately to many of the questions we received, and appreciate the patience our customers have shown as we worked through this difficult issue.

Since our founding in 1996, we have been committed to ending animal testing in the cosmetics industry. As demonstrated by the renewed support we have received from organizations like PETA and the CCIC, this principle remains at our core. Urban Decay does not test its finished products on animals, nor do we allow others to test on our behalf, and we require our suppliers to certify that the raw materials used in the manufacture of our products are not tested on animals. Urban Decay is proud to be 100% cruelty-free.

For all of my readers that are huge Urban Decay fans, I am so excited that they have decided to stick with their cruelty free ways! I do think that this really shows that you can change things if you are willing to speak up for what you believe in. If you follow Logical Harmony on Twitter or Like Logical Harmony on Facebook, you no doubt saw that I was tagging them in Facebook posts and tweeting at them about it. I know that I wasn’t the only one either, and it’s amazing to see the power that your voice really can have in these situations. You have it! Don’t be afraid to use it!

Despite these changes, I am undecided about if I am going to continue to promote Urban Decay on Logical Harmony. The main reason for this being that even after they announced that they were going to start testing on animals in order to sell in China, Urban Decay was still trying to market some of their products as vegan. The majority of those who live a vegan lifestyle would agree that a product that is tested on animals is not vegan. If they were willing to market products that had been tested on animals as vegan, how true are they to their original morals about animal testing? Was this decision based purely on the idea of losing money by selling in China? This sudden change of heart makes me question if I will be able to trust Urban Decay in the future.

All that being said, I am very glad that Urban Decay has decided to go back to their original stance on animal testing. I think that it’s wonderful to show that our voices do have power. Even if it is just our wallets that they are listening to.

What do you think about Urban Decay changing their mind about selling their products in China?

A big thank you to reader Ibby for letting me know about their updated stance earlier today! I really appreciate your tweet! You can also read another post about this on Phyrra – Breaking News! Urban Decay Decides NOT to Sell in China.

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Urban Decay Continues to Market Products as Vegan

Urban Decay Continues to Market Products as Vegan

If there’s anything that I would wish a regular reader of Logical Harmony to learn it’s how important it is to do your own research into brands. Just a couple of weeks ago it was announced that Urban Decay has changed their stance on animal testing and is no longer a cruelty free brand. Yet, they are still trying to market some of their products as being vegan.

Updated on July 7, 2012 – Urban Decay Is No Longer Going to Sell in China & Will Remain Cruelty Free

When you take a look at the recently revised Animal Testing Policy from Urban Decay, you will immediately notice that the cruelty free bunny logo’s issued by PETA and Leaping Bunny have been removed. Yet, Urban Decay is still marking products with the purple paw print that, for their brand, denotes a “vegan” product.

If you see a purple paw print next to a product, Urban Decay certifies that it does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Please note that within a product category, such as Eyeshadows, some shades will be marked with the vegan paw print, and others will not. We have an ongoing initiative with our laboratories to not only create shades (and entire product lines) that are vegan from the start, but also to identify which of our non-vegan products can be converted. In many situations, plant-derived or synthetic alternatives to animal-derived ingredients become available. As long as we can deliver the same high-quality products with rich color and texture, we will convert that product to 100% vegan ingredients, so be on the lookout for new offerings. We are often asked which of our products do not contain animal by-products, and for those customers, we offer our paw.

What Urban Decay is forgetting is that a product is not vegan if it is tested on animals. It doesn’t matter if it contains no animal ingredients. If it has been tested on animals, these products are in no way vegan. For the majority of companies, and for I would guess 99.9% of consumers with a vegan lifestyle, a product being labelled as vegan requires a much stricter stance than the cruelty free label.

It’s important to point out that the purple paw print logo used by Urban Decay is not a standard recognition of a product being vegan. It is, in fact, a logo that they have created for their own use. In the same way that organizations provide brands with logos to denote a researched cruelty free status, the same also exists for vegan products. There are two logos that are used to show that a product is certified vegan – the one issued by Vegan Action and the one issued by The Vegan Society. Both of these can be trusted to help you find vegan products.

If a product is actually cruelty free, that means that neither the product or ingredients have been tested on animals by anyone during any point of the production process (of both the finished product and the ingredients). But cruelty free products often contain animal ingredients that come about through a process that’s hardly cruelty free to animals. Cosmetics frequently contain oils and fats from animals, fish scales, silk, and other ingredients that come from a dead animal. Even ones labelled as “cruelty free”. As someone who lives a vegan lifestyle, I simply cannot justify the use of these ingredients in anything. It makes less sense to me that a brand can market themselves as “cruelty free” but still use ingredients that require the death of an animal.

If a product is vegan, that means that not only is it truly cruelty free but it’s also truly animal friendly. The product and ingredients have not been tested on animals by anyone during any point of the production. These products also do not contain any animal ingredients.

Urban Decay is, once again, trying to pull the wool over the eyes of consumers. Their recent policy changes have been shaded in so much PR gloss that it’s clear they are trying their best to not lose their consumer market. I encourage everyone to write them and let them know your thoughts. Please show Urban Decay that their policy changes, treatment of their customers, and misrepresentation of Vegan are not okay.

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