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Revlon May be Exiting China

Revlon May be Exiting China

Logical Harmony reader Katie clued me in to some potentially exciting news today! Revlon is reportedly leaving the Chinese market in order to cut business costs. Currently, their market in China only makes up about 2% of their business. For many years business growth for cosmetics brands in China was higher than anywhere worldwide. That has been on the decline and it looks like selling in China may no longer be profitable.

This change will likely include Revlon owned brands, Almay and Sinful Colors. Currently all three brands test on animals “as required by law”.

Revlon said it is leaving China and cutting 1,100 jobs as part of a cost-cutting measure.

Most of the jobs cuts will be in China. Revlon’s operations there make up only 2 percent of the company’s sales, which have been declining.

Global sales fell 1.3 percent to $1.02 billion in the nine months through September, compared with the same period in 2012. Revenue in Asia dropped 3.5 percent to $166.8 during that time.

The departure will save the makeup company $11 million a year, Revlon said Tuesday in a regulatory filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Revlon expects to take a $22 million restructuring charge, mostly this year. About $10 million of that charge is for employee severance and other benefits, and about $12 million consists of product discounts and inventory write-offs.

Besides its namesake brand of makeup and hair dye, Revlon also makes cosmetics under its Almay and SinfulColors brands.

The New York-based company has had major executive changes this year, naming a new CEO in October after Alan Ennis left. It also announced a new CFO in July after its former financial executive left to join another company.

The new chief executive, Lorenzo Delpani, came from Colomer Group, which Revlon acquired for about $660 million in October. Colomer sells hair color and other products to beauty salons.

Shares of Revlon Inc. rose 36 cents, or 1.5 percent, to $24.92 in afternoon trading Tuesday.

Source – Revlon to exit China business to cut costs on Yahoo News

What does this mean for Revlon’s cruelty free stance? It’s hard to tell at this point. Leaving China, where animal testing is required by law, does not necessarily mean that the brand will stop testing on animals.

What’s unclear is if this means the brand will just be closing manufacturing facilities in China or if this will in any way effect their sale of cosmetics in China. This press article indicates that this may be the case and Revlon may still plan to sell in China. Even if they were to import products into China, they would likely still be tested on animals.

What is important, however, is that this shows entering this market may no longer be as financially lucrative to brands. Many formerly cruelty free brands have changed their stance on animal testing just to enter markets where testing is required by law. In most cases, this has been to sell in China.

I have been unable to find an official press release about this change, but will continue to look. Logical Harmony will keep an eye on this issue and post updates as they come up! Thanks again to Katie for notifying me of this article!

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Logical Harmony featured on Babble – 23 Amazing Beauty Splurges

Logical Harmony featured on Babble - 23 Amazing Beauty Splurges

Logical Harmony was recently featured in the Babble article 23 Amazing Beauty Splurges! In this article, I talked about my love for a cruelty free and vegan mascara from Too Faced. While a bit on the high end of the price scale, I think this product is worth every penny!

Another cruelty free brand featured in this article is Juice Beauty, who also has vegan options.

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Logical Harmony in Vegan Lifestyle Magazine – November Issue

Logical Harmony in Vegan Lifestyle Magazine - November Issue

Logical Harmony was recently featured in the first issue of Vegan Lifestyle Magazine! Available in the iTunes store for both iPhone and iPad, be sure to download this issue. I’m not going to lie – seeing my article in the preview of the iTunes store was amazing! For Vegan Lifestyle Magazine I re-wrote my article How to Find Out if Brands are Cruelty-Free and Vegan. Download the issue to read that piece as well as many other great vegan lifestyle articles.

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Crown Brush HD Set Review

Crown Brush HD Set Vegan Makeup Brushes Review

Like any makeup junkie, I’m always eager to try new makeup brushes. When iFabbo sent me the Crown Brush HD Set to review, I couldn’t wait to try them out! This set comes with six vegan makeup brushes and a pair of tweezers in a zippered pouch. Crown Brush made traveling with makeup brushes a snap with this set!

Claims: “Perfect for applying High Definition cosmetics, liquids, creams, and powders.”

Crown Brush HD Set Vegan Makeup Brushes Review

Ingredients: Taklon bristles. Taklon is a 100% synthetic ?ber.

Crown Brush HD Set Vegan Makeup Brushes Review

Pros: Cruelty free and vegan bristles. The storage case is small enough to fit in your purse, making it perfect for travel. Very soft and fluffy bristles.

Cons: A very basic set that may not be enough brushes for the experienced makeup junkie. The brand sells other brushes that are not vegan.

Crown Brush HD Set Vegan Makeup Brushes Review

The Verdict: This is a great set for makeup newbies, those with a minimal routine, or to throw in your carry-on while traveling. It covers all the basics. I used these brushes several times and each time felt that I was constantly reaching for others to complete my look. There just weren’t enough basic shapes and sizes to cover my personal needs. I liked how soft the brushes were and noticed that they held product well. The Crown Brush HD Set did a great job of blending my makeup and would also be great for those wanting to create a subtle, natural look. My favorite was the Crease Blender brush! It did a great job of blending my eye shadows in a way that looked great and natural, without over-blending. 

While I did enjoy these brushes and this set is vegan, not all Crown Brushes are vegan. Unfortunately, Crown Brush does make products with animal hair. To quote the company, “Crown only partners with suppliers whose handles come from managed reforestation cooperatives. All natural bristles are purchased from fully licensed & accredited suppliers that adhere to a strict non-cruelty code of ethics.” I am hesitant to believe that any animal hair bristles are sourced without cruelty and try to avoid brands who use animal hair brushes as much as I can.

I do think that it’s worth appreciating those brands who provide vegan options and celebrating that they are taking steps in the right direction. Hopefully soon Crown Brush will produce only synthetic vegan brushes!

You can stay up to date with Crown Brush on Twitter and Facebook.

Editor’s Note: The product(s) featured in this post were provided by a representative of the company named in this post for editorial consideration. Please note that all reviews are 100% honest and a product would not receive a favorable review unless it provided favorable results.

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Flower Beauty May No Longer Be Vegan Friendly

Flower Beauty May No Longer Be Vegan Friendly

Readers of Logical Harmony, it’s with a very sad heart that I write this post. Flower Beauty has just informed me that they are still cruelty free, but that Flower Beauty may no longer be a vegan friendly line.

January 9, 2014 – Please find an update on this situation in the post An Update on Flower Beauty’s Vegan Status.

I previously had received the following statement from their PR firm. I also received the same statement from their customer service team.

1. Are Flower Beauty products tested on animals as a finished product? Either by Flower Beauty, a parent company,  an affiliate or a 3rd party company.  There is no animal testing done on any formula or ingredient.  This includes raw materials for our formulas.  We are not affiliated with any companies that tests product ingredients on animals. Our products do not contain any animal-derived ingredient.  Our cosmetics lab has signed a Statement of Assurance through PETA.  Our ingredients are non-toxic according to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.  

2. Are Flower Beauty products tested on animals during production? Either by Flower Beauty, a parent company,  an affiliate or a 3rd party company. See above

3. Are the ingredients used to make Flower Beauty products tested on animals at any point? Either by Flower Beauty, a parent company, an affiliate or a 3rd party company. See above

4. Does Flower Beauty have any vegan options (items without animal ingredients)? See above – they are vegan

5. When using ingredients, such as glycerin, that can be derived from a plant or an animal, does Flower Beauty use the animal based item or the plant based item? Plant based item

A couple of months ago, I emailed again asking about the product packaging that was surfacing with “may contain carmine” on the labels. The response I received stated again that they products were vegan and do not contain any animal by-products. I asked if they would help me explain to my readers about the labels. The response I got stated that it was added to packaging due to the cosmetics being produced in a shared equipment factory. They said that they assured me the line was vegan and did not contain carmine or any other animal ingredients.

As I’m sure you have noticed, Flower Beauty has been heavily promoted on Logical Harmony. Most of my personal makeup stash was swapped out for the Flower products. They were cute colors, very good quality, and budget friendly. I was telling anyone and everyone about them!

The other day, I received a tweet from Logical Harmony reader @MsMollyGirl who said she saw a tweet from the brand stating that they were cruelty free and not vegan. I immediately reached out to the brand and got the following response via Twitter

Flower Beauty May No Longer Be Vegan Friendly

We are sorry if there was a misrepresentation of our products. FLOWER Beauty is not vegan. We are cruelty free.

My heart sunk immediately. This is a brand that I had been assured by both their PR and customer service was cruelty free and completely vegan. I had been telling friends, readers of Logical Harmony, and other bloggers about them. I mentioned them to multiple press sources when being interviewed about vegan beauty. I spent hundreds of dollars on their products. And now it turns out that they may no longer be vegan or, even worse, may never have been. I especially feel badly that I have unintentionally spread mis-information about this brand. Thinking of all the animal loving consumers that may have purchased their items based on my recommendation and now to find out this… I have no words to describe how I feel and can only offer incredibly sincere apologies to everyone.

Flower Beauty is still cruelty free. Which is great. But the idea that multiple sources had once assured me they were completely vegan and now to have one say that they are not… It’s hard to take. I have reached out to them about the possibility of putting together a list of vegan options that I can publish here. I have also reached back out to the PR contact I have to see if they can shed some light on this. I have my fingers crossed that there is still some truth to what I was told multiple times by this brand and hopes that they offer vegan options.

If any more news comes out of this, I will update here on Logical Harmony. In the meantime, a disclosure will be added to all previous posts that mention Flower Beauty. Since the Cruelty Free & Vegan Brands List includes only cruelty free brands with vegan options, and it’s unclear at this time if Flower still offers any, they will be moved to the Grey Area list for the time being.

January 9, 2014 – Please find an update on this situation in the post An Update on Flower Beauty’s Vegan Status.