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Animal Place Rescues 4,000 Hens – How You Can Help!

Animal Place Rescues 4,000 Hens - How You Can Help!

If you follow Logical Harmony on Twitter or Like Logical Harmony on Facebook, you’ve seen my posts about the hens that were recently rescued from an abondoned egg farm. Many of you have probably read about this on the blog for Cinnaholic as well. Over 50,000 hens were left to die. The farm shut down and simply left the chickens there. No food, no water, and still in their cages. These hens were simply left to die. After two weeks of starvation around 20,000 of those hens had died. Once the situation was discovered, local agencies responded by starting to gas the chickens. Thankfully, animal rescue groups were about to negotiate better lives for as many of these hens as possible. I urge you to watch the video of how these chickens were found after being left to die. It’s incredibly difficult to watch and a very good example of why I no longer support the egg industry.

4,000 hens ended up in the care of Bay Area rescue farm Animal Place. Many healthy hens have already been placed in adoptive homes where they will lead happy and healthy lives. However, many need medical care and rehabilitation. If you can spare anything, even $5.00, please donate to Animal Place. If you live in the Bay Area, they are also seeking volunteers to help care for the rescued hens. You can read more about what you can do to help on the Animal Place blog.

Source & Images : Animal Place

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  • Reply Alyssa Tuesday - March 27, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    Hey – I am so glad I stumbled on your site. I am newly vegan and have been trying to make the best choices when it comes to my beauty products.

    Thank you for posting about this rescue effort. I am sharing the link with friends and just made my own donation 🙂

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