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10 Reasons to Go Vegan in 2013

Reasons to Go Vegan in 2013

Having a vegan diet and lifestyle has never been easier than it is now. There are so many resources out there! From blogs to books and even vegan lifestyle coaches. Vegan food is also easier to find than ever. Many grocery stores are carrying more and more vegan brands, while more vegan brands are sprouting up and more brands are marketing vegan options. It’s a great time to go vegan!

Here’s a list of 10 Reasons to Go Vegan in 2013! Use these to kickstart your vegan diet, turn your vegan diet into a vegan lifestyle and to remind yourself about how great going vegan really is.

  1. Your health. Having a plant based vegan diet cuts the risk of so many diseases. A vegan diet has been linked to a reduced risk of cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, osteoporosis and many more diseases. With all these reasons, why not have a vegan diet? You may end up spending a little more on produce that you do now, but it’s nothing compared to what you could spend on medical bills later down the line.
  2. Your mental well-being. One concept from Skinny Bitch that really stuck with me was the idea that by consuming animal products, you are also consuming the pain and suffering inflicted on that animal to produce those products. By consuming those feelings, you are bringing them into your state of mind. Some may find this too abstract, or just too weird, but it makes complete sense to me. For you, this may apply only to your diet. For myself, it applies to the products that I use as well.
  3. Less exposure to toxins. When you consume animal products, you are also consuming all the antibiotics and hormones that animal was given during it’s lifetime. I think that it’s important to know what you are putting into your body. If you don’t know what you’re introducing to your system, how can you know how it’s effecting your body and your health?
  4. Reduce your eco footprint. It’s been shown that vegan diets produce fewer greenhouse gases than diets of those with animal products. Did you know that the livestock industry itself produces more greenhouse gases than human-cause contributors (such as transportation and industrial practices)? Plant based diets need less resources to grow, and less resources to be transported from field to table.
  5. Weigh less. If you’re struggling to get to your bodies healthy weight, adapting a vegan diet may go a long way in helping you. Another point brought up in Skinny Bitch that I have always found amazing was the point that milk is meant to take a calf to a full size cow. It’s meant to add hundreds of pounds quickly. So is it any real surprise that you will also expand quickly by consuming dairy products?
  6. Have your voice heard. In today’s economy, where your money goes can really determine the future of companies and brands. By moving away from products tested on animals and switching to vegan products (meaning that they were not tested on animals and do not contain animal ingredients) you are telling companies and brands exactly where you stand. You also then have the chance to find out about all the great vegan brands out there! Most of which have better products than many mainstream brands anyway.
  7. Know that you are living with compassion. Seeing animals for what they are – conscious beings just like you and I are – really helps to expand your level of compassion. Think about the family pets that you may have had growing up. Would you argue that they demonstrated mental and emotional intelligence and displayed personality traits unique to them? If so, then why assume that the animals typically consumed are any different?
  8. Have better skin. Did you know that a link between consumption of animal products and acne has been found? Think about all the beauty products for sale that promote their use of antioxidants to help your skin. Now stop and think about all the antioxidants available to you through an increased consumption of fruits and vegetables. You are what you eat, and having a vegan diet will change the health of your skin.
  9. Knowing exactly what you eat and use. Having a vegan diet and vegan lifestyle means that you are likely reading the ingredients of every product you use and becoming more aware about the brands that produce them. You realize all the weird and unknown ingredients that you’ve been ingesting or putting onto your body. Once you start to really think about everything that you’re putting onto and into your body, you constantly want to become more aware. Try it. Read the ingredients of everything that you eat for one day. Make a list of the items that you cannot identify and then research them. Odds are, you will end up wanting to remove them from your diet and the products you use.
  10. Cook more. There are so many new things to try once you go vegan! Anything that you made using animal ingredients can be made vegan. I’ve honestly yet to find a single item that cannot be veganized. It’s fun to try new recipes and experiment with new ingredients!

What are some reasons that you think others should go vegan in 2013?

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  • Reply Sascha Sunday - January 13, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    I love this post! I went vegan in 2012 and am so glad I did!

  • Reply Umapuma Thursday - January 10, 2013 at 8:14 am

    I agree with all of your reasons, I ate very little meat in the past but have been vegetarian and trying to make some vegan and cruelty free choices recently. #2 and #7 are my fave reasons you listed. Cheese is easy to avoid as an individual but friends serve it up as a vegetarian option for me. Its also tough to find a good deodorant, I am surprised wine isnt always vegan and sugar too! I have not gone “cold tofurkey” yet, as I just bought a thing of Secret deodorant, but I really want to get there. Animals are my friends and should not be used for testing or eating.

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